Prom Night

Hi here I come guys, I currently don't have enough time to post any entry because of this year i'm a candidates of Spm my schedule was full with extra class at school and tuition neither so i've to more struggle for my best result soon to get a best carier right? Ok this a free morning I can grab this laptob so I can blogwalking everywhere I wants firstly I was blogwalking as usually at then connect to her friends we knew her as Shea. I was so attracted of her blog about fashion nowadays so I lets my finger to post new entry about fashion too.
  Actually I also don't even know it supposed to be about fashion or about my Prom Night. Oh before this anyone wanna joins ths event?
Date: 12May2012

Venue: Country Height
Theme: Random
Fee: Only RM35 

  Anything else inform me and actually this event not under me I also was invited but if anyone here wants to join you all can let me know.

  Actually lately when I was knew about this event my head was stucked with this event and I wonder "How ths event goes?" "What dress I can suit that night?" and etc etc appear on my head. I decide to buy new cloth can I? Okay I already did it await I want to upload the ops ops but if upload it now perhaps when prom night not to be suprised because everyone already know? Em ammused! Om om jeng jeng quiet. The end ok i'll upload my dress sooner guys. Bye assalamualaikum xoxo :')

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