Hana Tajima my inspiration .

Hm memang comel pun k :'3

Assalamualaikum , hi ladies and gentleman dah lama tak update blog asyik tweets and blogwalking ja ah bapak jealous la blog yang lain semua cantik-cantik aku bersawangkan ? Ohsem actually dah lama tak on guna laptob al maklumlah facebook pun dah deactive so dah tak rush nak on facebook ja la just tweets guna phone ja . Hm hmm tak tau nak update apa ni --' kk
Hm hmm actually i'm so melthing with fashion especially with HTS but she's with hijab and i'm not and i is trying my best to wear hijab too but i need a tutor :'( last week my mom was bought me new cover neck and satin shawl i've done looked for tutorial but i can't make it well as HTS :'( NEED A TUTOR .

Look she's looked so gorgeous

Simple her but still looked amzing

Okay maybe now is trend off seluar kaki besar


  1. isn't she lovely!..she makes a new chapter for hijab...sukeee die